Krátka správa č. 41/2023

CLGE YSC, YSM, INTERGEO Berlin September – October 2023
autor: Ing. Peter Repáň, 29.09.2023

Vážený člen KGK,

preposielame Vám novinky od CLGE:

  • CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest (YSC) a CLGE Young Surveyors’ Meeting @INTERGEO v Berlíne – stánok CLGE v INTERGEO (hala 3.2. stánok D3.037) od 10. do 12. októbra 2023 a slávnostné odovzdávanie cien YSC a oslava YSM – prenos Microsoft Teams nižšie
  • Blue Surveying inspires the FIG Climate Compass Working Group – 11. októbra 2023 9:00 GMT, t. j. 11:00 SELČ – registrácia na link nižšie

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
(CLGE Delegates and Partners in Bcc:)

After a long “silence” we are back with news from CLGE.

July and August were not quiet though – rather quite active. We reduced our communications on purpose, not to spam you during holiday months.

In the following, there is a lot to read, we’re sorry for that. The yellow parts require urgent actions.

CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest (YSC) and CLGE Young Surveyors’ Meeting @INTERGEO in Berlin

This year is exceptional again, with 44 participants to the YSC. The Jury is working hard and we are happy to announce the online finals and the Awarding Ceremony in Berlin at INTERGEO, followed by a celebration with a CLGE Young Surveyors’ Meeting.

The online finals are accessible for CLGE delegates, and all interested European Surveyors. It suffices to follow the link at the end of this email after the signature, lay back and follow the presentations in a relaxed way in Teams.

Please notice that we will record the finals and if all goes well, we will propose them online as Continued Professional Development (CPD) sessions, with the possibility of certification.

What do you have to do?:

  • Consider taking part in the online finals on 26 September from 15.00 to 17.30 CEST with a break in the middle for the jury to deliberate;
  • Check if you want to put in place the YSC CPD for your country, if yes, please contact before 15 October 2023;
  • Invite your Young and less Young Surveyors to visit the CLGE Booth at INTERGEO (Halle 3.2. Stand D3.037 ), from 10 to 12 October 2023, and to take part in the YSC Awarding Ceremony and YSM Celebration on 11 October from 16.00 – 17.45;
  • Try to send a group of Young Surveyors form your country to the 11 October event and communicate us the number of participants. For the moment we have confirmations from BE, DE, PL. Others are warmly invited to join.
    CLGE Past President Henning Elmstrøm, creator of the idea of this European Meeting will enhance the event with his presence.

Blue Surveying inspires the FIG Climate Compass Working Group

The FIG General Assembly formally established a new Task force on Climate Change. The topic on climate has a broad spectrum (as ours “Blue Surveying”) including land, water, marine, the role of the surveyors and the importance of their actions within this field.

You can understand how closely linked this Task Force is to our Blue Surveying Project.

If you are available, please join the first online session of the Climate Compass Conversations and Consultations

Title: Let’s Move Beyond Business as Usual: Talking about Climate Resilience & Fit-for-purpose Surveying for Land, Water & Marine

When: Wednesday 11 October 2023 9am GMT, i.e. 11.00 CEST

Registration link 

IX CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor and CLGE General Assembly in Paris

The events will start with the IX CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor on 9 November, followed by the Ice Breaker reception to open the General Assembly to be held on 10 – 11 November.

The registration form for the Conference and the General Assembly will be available in the coming days. The organising team is making last checks and works hard to optimise the events.

The Conference programme is nearly ready as well. It will be very nice, this is already sure, a first draft will be released around 20 September. Stay tuned!